2021 Watershed Survey

See the fact sheet summarizing the Survey below. Click on the document icons below to download a copy of the fact sheet or the full report. 

From page 3 of the report

"A primary source of potential water quality concerns in Branch Lake is polluted runoff or nonpoint source (NPS) pollution. Stormwater runoff from rain and snowmelt picks up soil, nutrients, and other pollutants as it flows across the land and washes into the lake.


In an undeveloped, forested watershed, stormwater runoff is slowed and filtered by tree and shrub roots, grasses, leaves, and other natural debris on the forest floor. It then soaks into the uneven forest floor and filters through the soil. In a developed watershed, however, stormwater does not always receive the filtering treatment the forest once provided. Rainwater picks up speed as it flows across impervious surfaces like rooftops, compacted soil, gravel roads and pavement, and it becomes a destructive erosive force.

Runoff from current development and roads, as well as future development and conversion of small camps to larger year-round homes should be managed properly to prevent delivery of pollutants into Branch Lake and to maintain or improve its water quality"