Informal Summer Sailing Races

Lake members gather on Sundays at 1:00 PM for some fun sailboat races in the north part of the lake. Up to date status and information is provided in the facebook group, branchpondsailing. Follow that link for the latest information.

How to join in the races


On a race day Sunday, show up at the committee boat in the north part of the lake at 12:45 PM for specifics on the race course that day. You might see the regatta buoys deployed.


We also appreciate anyone with a motorboat who'd like to be a safety boat during the regatta. Safety boat volunteers should also meet at 12:45PM.


Racing usually starts in late June or early July and lasts through August. Races are cancelled when the weather is bad. Check the facebook page for updates.


If you have questions, and don't have access to Facebook, please send your questions to us and we'll forward them to the organizers. Email Questions.