LakeSmart Program 


The Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA) has a new name:
Maine Lakes Society, and is now heading up this important program.

Link to: LakeSmart Standards & Better Management Practices

What is LakeSmart?
LakeSmart is a reward program for waterfront property owners who keep up their homes in ways that benefit lakes, protect property values, and help wildlife.


What Does It Cost?


Why Target Lakefront Homeowners? 
Land along lake shorelines has a greatly disproportionate effect on water quality because the lakeshore is the last place that can stop rainwater runoff before it gets to the lake.

What’s the Matter with Rainwater Runoff?
Snowmelt and rainwater runoff pollute water and ruin lakes!  It is the major cause of smelly, cloudy water, algal blooms, fish kills, and water you don’t want to swim in.  


How Do I Participate?
Accept our LakeSmart invitation! When you do, go to to contact a trained evaluator. The evaluator will then visit you to assess your property and report back to you. Then, you’ll walk the property together and you’ll receive advice on how to stop runoff from entering the lake.  LakeSmart is entirely voluntary, so what you do with LakeSmart information is completely up to you. Many LakeSmart fixes involve simple, non-technical improvements such as covering bare dirt with mulch, increasing your use of native plants, managing paths to prevent erosion, or minimizing the use of harmful chemicals.


What’s In It for Me?
LakeSmart can save money when a site visit identifies a problem that could become expensive if not addressed. Being LakeSmart enhances your reputation as a person who cares enough about the lake, other lakefront land owners and the economy of your community to take action. If your home scores well in 4 categories, you get the prestigious LakeSmart Award -- two handsome blue and white signs for posting. Lesser scores receive a Certificate of Commendation, helpful suggestions, and public recognition from your lake association and the Maine Congress of Lake Associations.

The 4-Way Win
Whether you nip a costly problem in the bud, receive a Commendation or an Award, your participation is a 4-way win: one for the lake; one for the wildlife, one for local businesses, and the last for protecting the value of every property around the lake, including yours.