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A non-profit organization founded to protect the water quality of the Branch Lake Watershed and committed to the following:

  • Enhance water quality and the livability of the lake environment

  • Respond to threats to the watershed's health and well being

  • Work in concert with the Branch Lake Road Associations in an effort to obtain reasonable services and correct run-off problems that endanger water quality.


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fishing at dawn.JPG



Some of us are seasonal lake residents, and some of us reside on the lake year round. The tie that binds all of us is our love of the lake and the financial investment we have made in our properties. Fortunately, we have a *Pond/Lake Association that offers us the broad view of lake concerns, lends foresight regarding future dangers, and serves as a gathering place. Become a member today!             

Help Keep Branch Lake Pristine...Be a Volunteer!!

Join in as a helper in any one of a number of interesting, exciting, intellectual, BPOA activities.  Volunteer opportunities are waiting for you!
      What's Happening?​
Annual Meeting August 5th at Moore Center


Please join us IN PERSON at 6:30 for mingling and saying hello followed by the meeting at 7:00. For those who are unable to attend in person, you can see the meeting and participate in votes by registering for our Zoom session by clicking "here." You'll be asked to register with your name and e-mail address and sent the information for the meeting via email. For security against hackers, you will need to "sign in" to Zoom on the day of the meeting with your existing or new Zoom account (you may get an account and participate for free).

2021 Branch Lake Meet and Greet 5 JULY


The Meet and Greet Event was a great success! Thanks to the residences on Cove Way for letting us use the Cove Way Greenspace this year


See a brief recap and some pictures here

Branch Lake Loon Count in the News


The 2020 Audubon Loon Count got a segment on the local Bangor news with WABI. See more on our Loon Count page

2020 Ice Out


Ice Out was noted on 3 April for 2020. That's a bit earlier than average but not close to the record earliest date of 20 March. Latest Ice Out in our records is 23 April.

Branch Lake Boating Inspections:


To protect our lake and the City's water supply, all boats must have a tag, must be inspected for invasive plants and must have a permit before being launched.  The City of Ellsworth is committed to have an attendant at the launch at all times the boat launch is unlocked. If anyone has questions or sees something irregular at the launch, please call David Cole, City Manager’s direct line @ 207-667-6616 and talk with him personally or call Larry Wilson, Director of Public Works @ 207-266-2526 and talk with him as he has direct responsibility for the launch.   No fee is charged for tags, inspection, and permits.Tags (stickers) that go on the bow can be obtained at City Hall (669-6604), at the new boat launch when staffed (266-1980), and from the Branch Lake steward (667-2155).

  • Boats can be inspected by city inspectors at the Branch Lake State Boat Ramp on Boat Launch Way off of Happytown Road.

  • Boats can be inspected by city certified "self inspectors" after taking a one hour course. You can then inspect & launch your boat at your convenience.

  • Boats may be inspected at City Hall or by the Branch Lake steward by appointment.  All permits are valid for as long as the boat stays on the water.

  • Please call (207) 667-2155 to get additional Branch Lake boat launch information.

Sand Beach

Sand Beach is the responsibility of the State of Maine. Report concerns about Sand Beach to the Department of Parks and Lands office in Bangor at 941-4014

  • The City of Ellsworth​ ​has opened walking trails on the lower lake. There are 3.5 miles of varied walkways for day use. The trails are accessible off Rte. 1A

Get Involved

It's Fun!!
A great way to help & meet your lakeside neighbors is to get involved with volunteer projects & events that take place primarily throughout the summer.
Ongoing Projects include:

Loon Count

Invasive Plant Patrol
• Summer Sailing Regatta

• Summer Gatherings

Now & Then

Judy Blood archived a collection of stories in a publication titled:

Memories on Branch Pond

          Click on the book to order your copy today!​​​

Branch Lake, Maine is found within the borders of the City of Ellsworth. The city has a total area of 93.8 square miles (243 km2), of which 79.2 square miles (205 km2) is land and 14.6 square miles (38 km2) is water, for a total area of 15.53% water.

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