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Invasive Plant Patrol Ranger

This is probably our greatest volunteer need. Nothing could be more catastrophic to Branch Lake than an infestation of invasive aquatic plants, the single biggest threat to our Lake. Last year, Alamoosook Lake, less than 15 miles from Branch Lake, discovered an infestation of invasive variable milfoil, one of the more aggressive aquatic plant invaders; having a nearby infested waterbody greatly increases the risk of an infestation. As with many things, early detection makes eradication easier.

IPP rangers survey a section of the lake shoreline, usually from a canoe or kayak and look for invasive plants. This requires about 8 hours of training and about 4 hours to perform a survey.  Don't don't need to dive for the plants (as pictured) - that is an example of what we DON'T want happening on Branch Lake!