Volunteer Opportunities


 The BLA has approx. 30–40 BLA volunteers participating in various activities with one goal in mind; “Keeping Branch Lake The Way It Should Be!”


 You might ask; “What can I do?” Glad you asked.


How about being a part of one of the following areas:

1.    Invasive Plant Patrols.  You will be looking for bad stuff growing in the water.

2.    Loon Counting.  Once a year at a specific time, the lake is surveyed for loons.

3.    Social & Recreational Activities. With a new emphasis on BLA activities, we are looking for helpers for future events including sailboat regattas, hikes, picnics, and other fun activities.

4.    BPA Sales Persons. Take orders for sought after Branch Lake/Pond hats, T’s, sweats, tote bags and mugs. Check out our store on the BPA website. branchpondme.com. It’s a nice way meet people at the lake.

5.    Communications/Media Persons. If you like newsletter type work, this is for you. We publish and distribute our newsletter in the spring. News items are gathered throughout the year. This ties in with our website.  This group tells the world what we are doing and how we are doing.


Needless to say, there are other areas that we might cover including, public relations, membership, water quality, road committees, and the list goes on and on. The BLA does as an organization as much as it can, dependent on the number of volunteers we have at any specific time. Keep in mind; we don’t get paid.

We have a great team in place and we are always looking for positive, energetic members. Whiners need not volunteer! Persons with a desire  to help are urged to volunteer.